Case study:

Basic Maintenance

Foes transformed Basic Maintenance from an informational source to a competitive beauty brand. With a redefined brand identity, Shopify site, and comprehensive marketing strategies, they generated over $8,000 in sales in two weeks and amassed 75,000 leads.


Basic Maintenance, an award-winning health and wellness beauty brand, initially started with a vision to be a news source for transparent information in the skincare and haircare industry. However, they soon realized that they could do more than just provide information; they could offer solutions. Foes saw this as an opportunity to elevate Basic Maintenance's expertise and vision to the next level. The challenge was to transform this vision into a monetizable, competitive brand in a saturated market.

The Solution

Foes took the helm in turning Basic Maintenance's vision into a reality. We started by crafting the brand's identity—logo, color scheme, aesthetic, and personality—to resonate with their target audience. We then developed a comprehensive tech stack, including a Shopify site, Klaviyo email and SMS infrastructure, and Meta and Google ad strategies.

To kickstart their entry into the market, we orchestrated a launch sale that generated over $8,000 in sales in less than two weeks. This was backed by a lead generation strategy that amassed nearly 5,000 qualified leads, laying the foundation for long-term ROAS through Klaviyo.

Key Pillars of Operation

In our partnership with Basic Maintenance, Foes has been instrumental across multiple disciplines:

  • CRM Management: Utilizing Klaviyo to nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers.
  • Shopify Development: Designing and optimizing Basic Maintenance's Shopify site for user experience and conversion.
  • DTC Strategy: Elevating Basic Maintenance's vision into a direct-to-consumer brand with a monetization strategy.
  • Email & SMS Leadership: Spearheading email and SMS marketing strategies to maximize ROAS and customer lifetime value.
  • Content Strategy: Developing a comprehensive content strategy that includes PR campaigns and social media content.
  • Growth Strategy: Employing a data-driven approach for scaling the brand from lead acquisition to customer retention.
  • Creative Services: Leading the creative direction for the brand, enriching their marketing collateral.

THE results

Our partnership with Basic Maintenance has yielded impressive results: Over $8,000 in sales within the first two weeks of launch. Nearly 75,000 qualified leads generated to date. Over 250+ reviews within the first 12 months, many of which are 5-star ratings. Significant brand awareness through PR efforts, including features in Toronto Life, CP24, and SPY (where Basic Maintenance won the best body wash award for 2023).


Our journey with Basic Maintenance is a testament to Foes' ethos. We don't just 'do' digital; we 'live' digital. We've taken Basic Maintenance from a vision to a thriving brand, but it's about more than just metrics. It's about a shared commitment to excellence, a bespoke approach to solving unique business problems, and a lifetime of trust and friendship that extends well beyond the workplace.


Andrew Lucas, the founder and CEO of Basic Maintenance, had this to say about our partnership:

"Foes has been more than just a growth partner; they've been friends and confidants. They've helped us turn our vision into a reality, and the journey has been nothing short of transformative for our brand."

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