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Brain power

Foes provided a tailor-made digital marketing solution for Brain Power, focusing on authenticity and user-generated content. Through a data-driven strategy, they achieved over 85% efficiency in lead generation costs, delivering 1,000+ leads in six months.


Brain Power, an enrichment program provider for bright children with campuses across Ontario, was facing a challenge. Despite their high-quality services and a track record of academic success, they were heavily reliant on word-of-mouth referrals for new business. They needed a reliable acquisition engine to generate, nurture, and convert leads.

The Solution

Foes recognized that Brain Power needed a solution that was as unique as their business. We understood that a cookie-cutter approach would not suffice. Instead, we embarked on a journey of customization and curation, developing a strategy that was tailor-made for Brain Power's specific needs and goals.

Our team provided a comprehensive suite of services, including growth strategy, media strategy, media management, budget management, sales leadership and management, growth marketing, creative and copywriting, CRM services, landing page development, and CRO.

We took a data-driven approach, leveraging the power of analytics to inform our decisions and strategies. We conducted numerous split tests to identify the most effective tactics and strategies, building a scalable playbook that could drive consistent results.

One of the key insights we discovered was the power of authenticity in creative content. Through extensive creative testing, we found that overly designed creative did not resonate with Brain Power's audience. Instead, authentic moments and user-generated content (UGC) delivered far more efficient acquisition and elevated effectiveness.

This insight led us to shift our creative strategy, focusing on real, relatable content that truly spoke to Brain Power's audience. This not only improved our lead generation efforts but also helped to build a stronger, more genuine connection between Brain Power and their audience.

In essence, our solution was not just about generating leads—it was about building a robust, scalable system that could drive Brain Power's growth in the long term.

THE results

Over the course of our partnership, Foes has delivered impressive results for Brain Power. We've achieved over 85% efficiency in the cost per lead generated across various lead generation efforts, delivering more than 1,000 leads in the last 6 months. We implemented a robust CRM ecosystem including email automation to nurture leads and worked collaboratively to stand up a proper business development function to support the lead nurturing and 1:1 "sales closing" aspects. This has resulted in helping get new campuses off the ground, scaling media spend profitably, and working as a fractional sales and marketing team to support the business.


Our work with Brain Power is a testament to the power of a comprehensive, data-driven approach to digital marketing. We're proud to have helped them scale their business and look forward to continuing our partnership.


Vanessa Iarocci, President of Brain Power, had this to say about our partnership:

"We needed a scalable solution and Foes brought that to the table. They always had our best interests at heart, and didn't sell us anything we didn't need. Their fact-based and data-driven approach created a scalable system to drive lead volume, velocity, and worked hand in hand as our head of business development to coach the team with sales nurturing and closing skills."

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